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The Interact Club is a group of young adults at Key West High School who serve the community under the guidance of The Rotary Club of Key West.

The Interact Club elects its own officers and is totally student-run.  is our chair Brian L. Barroso and Amber Ernst-Leonard is our Co chair Interact liaison's and they are there to lend a helping hand to these young men and women. Currently our Interact Club has over 30 members!  They come to one of our meeting and actually run it.  They help us through out the year with our Fundraisers.


Ryan Keane, 12th Grade, President.   A returning member to Interact,  Ryan states "I've always had a passion for helping people and through interact, I can serve the community that has served me for over fourteen years.  In the future, I would like to attend the United States Naval Academy and train to be a pilot in the Navy".   Ryan is also on the Varsity football team, plays basketball and is involved with the National Honor Society and Project Unify.

Summer Peralta, 12th Grade, Vice President. “This is my second year in Interact Club, I joined because I love to volunteer and give back to our community. When I graduate high school, I hope to attend a four year university.” Summer can be spotted taking aerial drone photos for her IT class or yearbook.

Martin Wyrwicki, 12th grade, Press Writer. “I enjoy helping out the community and others in need. After high school, I plan on attending college to study government and politics.”

Jessica Nitti, 10th Grader, Press Writer of Key West High School Interact Club. “I love volunteering and helping my community in any way I can. I like knowing that I have made a difference. When I graduate high school, I would like to attend college to become a broadcast journalist.” Ms. Nitti’s writing can be seen in the Conch Snapper as she is one of the writers/editors at the high school.

Isabella Braswell, 12th, Secretary. “I have been in interact for two years and I enjoy being in this club because I feel that we really make a difference in our community. I love math and science and I play lacrosse as well. After I graduate I hope to get a degree in engineering.“

Shalhevet Sanchez, 12th grade, IT officer. “I like planning for events and share information about those events to/with others, especially for important annual events. After graduating from Key West High School, I want to study to be a judge to be part of our country’s judicial branch.”  Shay works as a school Executive Intern for Mrs. Nasser during 2nd period.

Melina Aguinaga, 12th grade, Press Photographer. “Volunteering and helping out my community is very important to me. I love being able to capture the great moments of our interact club. After High School I plan on attending a four year university to study marketing and minor in psychology.”

Shuchang Hao, 12th Grade, Resource Officer. I chose an officer’s position in interact because when I see people struggling, I am compelled to help them. I am excellent at computers, so this is why I am handling the spreadsheet data. I hope to attend University of Florida to develop my leadership skills.

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Rotary Liason, Brian Barroso, with Key West High School Interact Sponsor, Jessica Nasser. Mrs. Nasser is a Key West High graduate (1993) and FSU (1996). She enjoys teaching Learning Strategies, Financial Literacy and Science to students with Learning Disabilities. She is always out in the community at family oriented events or on the water. She has 4 children; two of them part of interact club at Key West High. This year’s interact club has the ability to take a bus anywhere in the Keys that Rotary has a mission for them since Volunteer, Mr. Nasser is a licensed Monroe County Bus Driver. “If you design it, they will come. This year’s interact club is over 50 students strong and they are wanting to volunteer together. They love the notion that the community leaders are working together to make the Lower Keys a better place and they want to emulate that.”  - Both Mr. Barroso and Mrs. Nasser have a son on KWHS’s Baseball team. It is a small world, and a great community!